Feldherr Full-Size Storage Box M empty

80 kr

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Feldherr Full-Size Storage Box M empty

The Feldherr Full-Size Storage Box provides additional storage solutions for your Feldherr or GW Foam trays.

This box will hold 15 cm of Feldherr or GW Foam full-size trays (these
are 4 x 25mm trays with bottoms or 8 x 25mm half-size trays).

These boxes are perfect for stacking in your cupboard, shelf, closet ... or transporting if necessary.

The Box is complete with Heavy lift handle soft red and Reinforcing plate red
Dimension inside:
345 mm x 275 mm x 150 mm

The external dimension is only slightly larger. Each box can be
equipped with a 4 kg load. The Box is supplied flat and space saving.

material box: cardboard
material handle: plastic