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In the year 1200, the foundation is laid for the cathedral of Troyes,
but it will not be finished until four centuries later, after
innumerable incidents. This game invites you to experience four centuries of history by
participating in the development of one of the fi nest medieval cities
ever to make its mark on Western culture.

Troyes is a strategy game in which players represent a rich family from
the Champagne region, using their influence to recruit and supervise
individuals in three prominent domains: military, religious, and civil.
Each domain is represented by its own color (utilized on the cards) and
offers its own benefits.

The inhabitants of the city provide a work force, created by rolling 18
dice at the beginning of the round. Next, the players will meld sets of
1 to 3 of the same color in order to execute an action: the nine
activities of the city include such things as building the cathedral,
grappling with an unfortunate event, or even recruiting new residents in
order to be able to roll more dice next round. The dice used by a
player are free if they are his own citizens, but each player also has
the opportunity to open his purse to recruit his enemies’. Players can
use their infl uence to change the result of the dice, giving them a
degree of control rarely seen in a dice game! Additionally, each player
receives a secret character card at the beginning of the game, whose
principles he will defend with the most clever of schemes. In order to
gain still greater fame, he will also try to divine the other players’
agendas. The player who has garnered the most fame, as a result of his
every action, will win the game. To ensure plenty of replay value, there
are 27 Activity cards available, but only nine of them are used each

Players: 2 - 4

Ages: 12+

Playing Time: 90 minutes

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