Till Dawn

250 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Don't get caught in the sun!

Till Dawn, a 20-30 minute game for
4-8 vampires, takes place over the course of three nights during which
time all self respecting vampires leave their coffins to hunt. A deck of
hunt cards is passed from vampire to vampire, each taking one card,
reading it aloud, then passing the rest on. If a feeding card is drawn,
all vampires gain blood tokens ? but the deck is also loaded with
events, vampire slayers, a vicious werewolf, invitations from the
elders, and the creeping threat of sunrise. Feeling lucky? At any time
during a hunt, a vampire may return to his coffin to protect his
precious blood tokens. Return to your coffin too early, though, and you
may miss all the fun. Then again, centuries of hunting should have
taught you the folly of pushing your luck too far...

Till Dawn
comes in a coffin-shaped box with approximately 120 cards, more than one
hundred tokens, eight character cards, and a "night advancement" track.