Tabletop Laser

255 kr

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High quality red line laser for tabletop games. Produces a bright and easily visible line for displaying Line Of Sight. This new line laser is the perfect aid for all tabletop games and a valuable resource for fair and accurate game play. The laser line perfectly illuminates the entire game board, and is highly visible even in bright ambient light. Delivered with three spare batteries in a compact and sturdy metal box for safekeeping on tournaments or at home. The laser is of class 1 and risk free to use.

Technical Data:

Wavelength        650nm

Beam Shape       Line

Optical Power       5mW

Optical Diode Power  5mW

Laser Class        1

Divergence        1mrad

Fan Angle           90°

Line Thickness     <1.2mm@1m

Operating Distance   1m

Optics            acryl lense

Laser technology    diode

Size             Ø15x68mm

Material           aluminium

Focus            fixed (1000mm)

Output Aperture    6mm 

Potential of Housing   VDD(+) 

Lifetime         >3000h

Operating Voltage   3 - 4.5V DC

Operating Current   20mA

Housing Color        black

Operating Temperature   -20°C - 50°C

Storage Temperature   -40°C - 80°C

Battery     2 x LR44