Onitama: Sensei’s Path (Expansion)

125 kr

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An Elegant and Simple Expansion for Onitama

“Let go of the illusion that your Art is superior,
 that your studies are complete! Take up the Sensei’s Path, and your path
 towards the true Art is just beginning.”  
– the Scroll of Onitama

Onitama, Sensei’s Path is a card expansion for use with Onitama!

Included are 16 unique, new, cards that can be used as a standalone set
of Move cards instead of those found in the base game. Alternately,
these cards can be shuffled with the original 16 cards during Game Setup
to create a multitude of new card combinations!

Included in the box are 16 New Move Cards:

·       Bear

·       Dog

·       Giraffe

·       Fox

·       Iguana

·       Kirin

·       Mouse

·       Otter

·       Panda

·       Phoenix

·       Rat

·       Sable

·       Sea

·       Tanuki

·       Turtle

·       Viper

Onitama, Sensei’s Path
requires the Onitama  base game to play.

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