Mega Civilization

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Mega Civilization is a game of skill for 5 to 18 players covering the historical development of ancient civilizations from just after the last Ice Age, to the dawn of the new era at the end of the Iron Age - a time span of almost 8,000 years. A game of Mega Civilization can take 10-12 hours to complete. Players can also choose to play the beginner-scenario ‘The First Game’, which will take only 1-2 hours. Another scenario, ‘The Short Game’, provides the same excitement as the full game, although the game starts in a later age. This way games can be played in ‘just’ 6-8 hours. Each player leads his own civilization as it tries to expand its culture over a map-board that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to India.

Although battles and territorial strategy are important, Mega Civilization is not a wargame as you might expect when looking at the map-board. Instead, the objective of play is to gain a level of overall advancement involving cultural, economic, scientific, political, civic and religious factors. The player who most effectively balances these various goals will achieve the best scores and win the game. The objective of Mega Civilization is to acquire the highest number of Victory Points by building cities and developing Civilization Advances. This will be done over various phases and turns, some of which will be performed simultaneously by the players. Each civilization begins with a single population token and every turn each player increases his population by adding tokens to each area he occupies.

These tokens can be moved over the map-board by land, or by sea using ships. If players manage to move sufficient tokens into areas they can build a city there. These cities generate trade cards which will eventually lead to wealth. During trade sessions, players receive not only the commodities they need to complete sets; they might also receive calamities which will remove population or cities. Specific Civilization Advances will protect the players from natural or civic calamities. As civilizations develop, it will be harder for their rulers to find the right balance between future population growth, maintaining enough support for their cities and increasing their treasury.

Mega-Civilization is a game with 2074 counters, four huge gaming maps which can be put together as one, 840 small und 729 big playing cards and 18 player tables. Mega-Civilization is completely new illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel.

This game has a huge following and is widely regarded as one of the best games about ancient civilizations.“ (about the 1980 Avalon Hill Version)


4 map-boards

2074 tokens (for 18 Civilizations)

18 player mats

1 double sided A.S.T. (Archaeological Succession Table)

1 census track

840 small cards

729 large cards

10 double-sided player aids

1 rulebook

1 “THE FIRST GAME” scenario booklet

12 trade cards holders

1 Certificate of authenticity

Measurements:  13 cm × 46 cm × 36 cm
Weight: 11 kg

Players: 5 - 18

Age: 12+

Playing Time: 6 - 11 timmar (Intro game 1 -2 hours; Short game 6-8 hours)