Star Wars Destiny: Luke Skywalker Starter Pack

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Discover the legacy of two of the galaxies greatest heroes with the Luke Skywalker Starter Set for Star Wars™:
Destiny! The set lets you take control of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo
in their battle against the Empire. With twenty-four cards and nine
dice, the Luke Skywalker Starter Set contains everything you need to
start your journey into Star Wars: Destiny.

With powerful abilities, this unlikely pair of heroes is ready to take on whatever challenge comes their way.

Players: 2

Age: 10+

Playing Time: 30 minutes

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In a game of Star Wars: Destiny, you’re always at the center of a fast-paced duel between two teams of iconic heroes and villains. Each round, you and your opponent will alternate taking actions until you both pass consecutively.

There are several different actions that you can take each turn, including playing a card from your hand or discarding a card to reroll dice, as we discussed above. Although these actions are important for building your forces, sooner or later, you’ll need to take the fight directly to your opponent, and to do that, you’ll use your dice.

At the beginning of a round, all of your dice start on their corresponding cards. To roll the dice and add them to your dice pool, you must spend your action to activate the card. Activating a card exhausts the card (turns it sideways) and lets you roll the dice from the exhausted card and its upgrade cards! Once you’ve rolled the dice, you can take an action to spend any number of dice that share a symbol.

There are nine different symbols that can appear on your dice with varying values, and each gives you a different advantage:

Melee Damage – Spending this symbol deals melee damage to one of your opponent’s characters.

Ranged Damage – Spending this symbol deals ranged damage to one of your opponent’s characters.

Shield – This symbol can grant shields to one of your characters. These shields absorb damage before it reaches your character.

Resource – This symbol can be spent to gain an equal amount of resources.

Disrupt – Spending this symbol forces your opponent to lose an equal amount of resources.

Discard – Spending this symbol forces your opponent to randomly discard an equal number of cards from his hand.

Focus – This symbol can be spent to change some of your other dice to the sides of your choice.

Special – This symbol has special rules listed on the corresponding card. For instance, if you rolled a special symbol on the Force Choke die, you could spend the symbol to deal one unblockable damage to an enemy character and change that character's die.

Blank – This symbol has no effect. All but the most dangerous and reliable dice have at least one blank symbol.

Another aspect of Star Wars: Destiny that can have a dramatic effect on your game is the battlefield. When you prepare for a game, both you and your opponent will bring a battlefield card along with your characters, your dice, and your deck of cards. During setup, there is a roll-off to determine which battlefield to use—the other battlefield won’t be used at all this game.

As an action on your turn, you may choose to claim the battlefield, taking the card and placing it in front of you. Claiming the battlefield guarantees that you will play first in the next round and lets you trigger the battlefield’s ability. Every round, you’ll need to carefully weigh the future benefits of claiming the battlefield against your present need to take more actions.

Ultimately, as in a firefight or a lightsaber duel, timing is everything in Star Wars: Destiny. You must choose when to activate your cards and when to build up your forces by playing more cards from your hand. You must choose when to press the attack by spending your dice and when to set up a larger move by playing an event from your hand. You must weigh the importance of a card that you could play against the desire to discard the card and reroll your dice. You even need to determine exactly the right moment to end your turn by claiming the battlefield. Though the rules of Star Wars: Destiny are easy to learn, you’ll soon see that its strategy offers massive depths.