Star Wars Destiny: Convergence Display Box

925 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

One display box contains 36 Convergence booster packs

"A death mark's not an easy thing to live with."

   –Carlist Rieekan, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The Star Wars galaxy is a place of opportunity. With proper
training and equipment, a hero can destroy a superweapon, or a villain
can embrace their destiny and rule the galaxy. But the galaxy is also
fraught with danger: bounties, injuries and more can hamper characters
and lead them down a path to failure and defeat.  

Convergence introduces a variety of new mechanics into Star Wars:
Destiny, including the ability to hinder your opponent’s characters
with potent downgrades. Place a bounty on your enemies, lock on to them
with a fleet of vehicles, or attack them mentally with potent Force

Convergence also features new versions of some of the most prolific characters in the Star Wars galaxy, including Emperor Palpatine, Jabba the Hutt, Captain Phasma, and more! Take the next step in your Star Wars: Destiny journey with Convergence!

Check out the video tutorial for Star Wars Destiny:

One (or more) Star Wars: Destiny Starter packs  is recommended to play Star Wars: Legacies