Arkham Horror CG: Return to the Dunwich Legacy

280 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

You thought the cases were closed, relegated to a past that was best
left forgotten. Beginning with a search for two missing Miskatonic
University professors, your inquiries in The Dunwich Legacy launched
you on a campaign that led from the decrepit streets of Dunwich to the
infamous Clover Club and realms beyond. But questions from these strange
investigations still linger, compelling you to board the train to
Dunwich once more.

Return to the Dunwich Legacy invites you to re-open your old cases and experience the first full-length campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game with
fresh eyes as you encounter new challenges and new surprises. Across
this expansion’s 81 new scenario cards and 23 new player cards, you’ll
explore new locations, face more ghastly treacheries, and enhance your
investigator’s abilities as you face even more unspeakable terrors.
Finally, Return to the Dunwich Legacy also features a premium box and thirty-two divider cards to conveniently store your complete campaign in one place.

This is not a standalone product. A copy of Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set is required to play.