X-Wing (2nd Ed): RZ-1 A-Wing

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The favored craft of Rebel aces who value precision handling, the  RZ-1 A-wing can fit through narrow gaps between obstacles or fly circles  around enemy craft. What these nimble interceptors lack in durability,  they more than make up for in speed and maneuverability.

The RZ-1 A-Wing Expansion Pack includes everything you need  to add one of these speedy ships to your Rebel Alliance squadrons. An  RZ-1 A-wing miniature painted in the colors of Phoenix Squadron is  accompanied by four ship cards representing the Rebel pilots willing to  take on the challenge of flying this craft. You can improve these  pilots’ capabilities in battle with five upgrade cards of your choosing,  or you can take the recommendations of two Quick Build cards for even  more ways to use your RZ-1 A-wing.

 Including Escapade's famous Grip Insert for the ship's base!