X-Wing (2nd Ed): Guardians of the Republic

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The Galactic Republic reels from the blow dealt by the the fledgling

Separatist Alliance. But even in this age of uncertainty and disunion,
heroes arise. Legendary Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi valiantly leads
dedicated clone pilots into battle against the forces of tyranny and
chaos in the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack for X-Wing!

This pack gives you everything you need to begin building your Galactic Republic squadrons, including one Delta-7 Aethersprite miniature
and two V-19 Torrent miniatures. The chosen interceptor of many Jedi,
the Delta-7 allows them to use their Force-enhanced reflexes to the
fullest. Behind them, clone pilots cover them from their V-19 Torrents
with coordinated fire, tight formation flying, and salvoes of missilies.
In addition to the miniatures, this Squadron Pack gives you
the chance to further explore the potential of the Force with several
new Force upgrade cards. Meanwhile, a wealth of other upgrade
cards—including reprints of many common neutral upgrade cards—provide a
wealth of options for customizing your squadrons

You always get our famous Grip Inserts to the ships when you order X-Wing expansions from us!