Armada: Imperial Light Carrier

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The Imperial Light Carrier Expansion Pack introduces one pre-painted Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier miniature to your games of Star Wars™:


Capable of acting as a mobile starfighter base over occupied worlds, the Quasar Fire-class

cruiser-carrier is an ideal garrison vessel. It can support operations

even in the most primitive conditions, and it bristles with laser

turrets that allow it to defend itself while its fighter craft are away

on crucial missions.

The Imperial Light Carrier Expansion Pack brings the Quasar Fire-class

cruiser-carrier to your tabletop as a pre-painted, medium-base starship

with six hull, three dice in its forward battery armament, and a

whopping squadron value of "4."

It's supported by two ship cards and a total of ten upgrades that provide a new commander, three Title
upgrades, some additional offensive firepower—and the game's first
dual-slot upgrade. Requiring and occupying both the Weapons Team and
Offensive Retrofit upgrade slots, the Imperial Light Carrier's
Boarding Troopers

can wreak havoc upon an enemy's defenses, punishing anyone who flies his or her ship too close to the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier that you'd rather keep back behind your fighter screen.

The Boarding Troopers' ability to spend your opponent's defense tokens is further amplified when used in conjunction with
Admiral Sloane.

 Whether you attack first with your squadrons and follow up with your
Boarding Troopers, or visa versa, Admiral Sloane makes it possible for
you to exhaust and then discard an enemy ship's full complement of
defense tokens!

This is an expansion, the Star Wars: Armada Core set is required to play!