Anti-slip Playmat 183 x 91

465 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

The perfect playmat when you don't want your game pieces to move around!

This one is the perfect size for Star Wars: Armada and stops your ships from sliding when bumped. 

You can also use this playmat under any boardgame that is made out of separate tiles, like many Dungeon Crawlers, or games that have modular boards made out of  tiles, such as Eclipse, Mage Knight, Twilight Imperium, Catan, Battle Sheep or tile laying games such as Carcassonne, to keep all tiles in place.

Material is a 3 mm high quality foam - with maximum friction.

Size 182,8 x 91,4 cm (6 x 3 foot)

Colour: solid black