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Escapade Gaming & Gear is a company started by two board game and Star Wars enthusiasts who wanted to turn their hobby into a business. 

We aim to provide board games and miniature games and accessories to them, and other cool stuff. Apart from products from other producers we produce our own stuff too, such as the famous Grip Inserts for X-Wing and custom Play Mats for different games. For this we are very happy to work with local astrophotographers, designers and manufacturers. 

A very important goal for us is to provide good service to the local gaming community, since Östersund for many years has lacked a friendly local gaming store. 

For all our customers outside of Sweden - click in the lower right corner to see the prices in your currencies (using the same exchange rate as PayPal). Prices are set in Swedish Crowns though - so prices in other currencies won't be nicely rounded... :-)

We are just getting started, so please drop by again to see if we have come up with something new. 

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Please  send us a message through Facebook or call 070-289 72 30 (or +46702897230 if calling from outside of Sweden) if you have any questions or suggestions. 


Trond & Rolf

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