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Starfighters Custom Maneuver Templates (Preorder)

245 SEK
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Finally the great X-Wing Community Starfighters in Uppsala will have their own maneuver templates for X-Wing! 

Order deadline is May 1st, to make sure we have them ready for Regionals in Uppsala! 

Made of acrylic and featuring clear and beautiful symbols, these templates will give you precision in tense dogfights.

The Straight 1 and Straight 2 also features small holes for the guides to help proxying ships when things get tight, a very useful feature.

The image shows the available colours, but the Escapade logo will be replaced with the Starfighters official logo. 

Available in 4 different colours:

Green (semi transparent)

Red (semi transparent)

Pink (neon, highly transparent )

Clear (Totaly transparent)

Made in Sweden!