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Grip Inserts for X-Wing

75 SEK
These are the famous inserts that will give your spaceship stability even in the tightest dogfight!

They are made of 3 mm highly slip resistant foam. They lift the base just a tiny bit so that the foam grips the surface without affecting the placement of the maneuver template. On most playmats you can still slide the ship along the surface, in case of a bump. But as soon as you apply just a little pressure on the miniature they will be fixed in their spot!

Adhesive on one side for easy application (covered by yellow protective paper)

The large grips are fitted for both large and epic ships. The large grips also have a hole for the epic bases, which you can choose to punch out or not. 

Used at FFG Worlds and judged tournament legal by FFG.

One pack contains 9 small and 3 large/epic inserts which is usually enough for most 100 point lists.

Used by the 2018 European Champion Ben Lee, who refuses to play without them and has this to say about them:
"These are the best thing since Soontir Fel and I’ve used them on my bases all throughout my X-Wing career. Cannot recommend them enough!"